BAMA KIDS Gospel Extravaganza African American Jazz – Sunday Feb 28

Donald Stone, author, BAMA Kids Tutor, Civil Rights Veteran

BAMA Kids Director, student activist Sheryl Threadgill & author Maria Gitin

February 2010 BAMA Kids – Sheryl Threadgill, Director and Jacqueline Hives, Program Director and dozens of youth from age 6-18 put together an outstanding evening on the history of African-American music, presented at the old Camden Arts & Technical School, a building in great need of repair and contemporary equipment, but fully alive and filled with excited parents and children.  We enjoyed the excellent program and were made to feel welcome at the soul food reception in the cafeteria afterwards. Everyone knew who we were instantly, as I was one of two white people and Samuel was the only Latino.

Donations to BAMA Kids may be made to:


PO Box 212

Camden, AL 36726

Federal Tax ID # 58-2120600

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