Support Wilcox County through the Black Belt Community Foundation

Wilcox County was and is one of the poorest counties in the nation, but is rich in untold history of heroes fighting for African American voting rights, a right denied by practice and Alabama state law one hundred years after that right was promised by the US Constitution.

My manuscript is a memoir, an oral history and an apology for any harm I caused as a young white civil rights worker. It is also an unabashed appeal for resources. My book is a love letter, a deep appreciation for being accepted first as a young student volunteer and later as a writer entrusted with personal stories of the Freedom Fight in one small county in the rural Deep South. But we don’t have to wait for the book to be published to help the deserving people of Wilcox County today.

In March of 2010, Wilcox County, Alabama had the highest unemployment rate in the state at 24.8%.

Eager to Learn EM Parrish Day Care Students

Wilcox Academy is a 100% white private Christian high school with fewer that 350 students. Wilcox Central High has more than 2000 students who are 100% African-American. 100% qualify for free lunch program according to Alabama Dept of Education statistics for 2009. Lack of tax dollars and additional parental contributions to the public school handicaps their ability to purchase new equipment and to offer some enrichment activities.

There are many bright spots, especially programs for children and youth. Some of these are featured in earlier posts. All can be funded directly. Those wishing to contribute larger donations may want to give through the Black Belt Community Foundation.

Black Belt Community Foundation

PO Box 2020, Selma, AL 36702

888.847.1126     Tax Exempt # 63-1270745

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