Searching for Ralph Eggleston

Former Camden Alabama Academy students and other civil rights activists recall a student leader named Ralph Eggleston who was from Southern California who attended the Academy in Wilcox County , Alabama, as a boarding student in the mid-1960’s and have been looking for him for years. If you are Ralph Eggleston, or related to him and know where he is today, please leave a note at this site. His is mentioned as one of the main student leaders of the successful civil rights movement in Wilcox County, Alabama, the subject of my forthcoming book: This Bright Light of Ours: Stories of the Voting Rights Fight, University of Alabama Press, 2014. If he is alive, Ralph Eggleston would be between 60-64 today. There is a reunion this summer in Mobile, AL, that he may wish to know about. He has not been not forgotten. Please leave comments here if you know anything about Eggleston. Comments will be moderated, and then posted. Thank you!

Alice Walker from a 2008 Commencement Address for Graduates of the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado: “And we today, all of us on this earth, are exactly who we have been waiting for. It is for us to change the direction of the planet and we must not lose our belief that we can do so. ”  That’s what Eggleston, Pettway, Threadgill and all the students of Camden Academy believed – that they could end segregation and discrimination. As young as they were, they took to the streets and demonstrated, spoke and boycotted until they won! ¡Si se puede! Yes, it can be done! Then and now. Check back for upcoming events

2 comments on “Searching for Ralph Eggleston

  1. Prenita says:

    What year was or is the Camden Academy reunion in Selma. We, the class of 1965 will have one in May of 2015 in Camden to celebrate our role and 50 years.


    • Maria Gitin says:

      My understanding is that your class of 1965 is having a reunion this May to celebrate your unique contribution in leading the first demonstrations and participation in the Selma, Montgomery and Camden marches; in your leadership to end school segregation and in your working with “outside agitator” young adults like me. I believe all other alums are invited as well. Get more information from Mrs. Alma Moton King (class of 1965).


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