Wilcox County AL Civil Rights Timeline July 1965 continued

July 12, 1965 – Camden

600 Students Preach Rights Gospel in South

This Washington Post article was carried in most national and many local papers including The San Francisco Chronicle. This lengthy article is largely critical of our SCOPE Project efforts. Quotes Joyce Brians (now this author Maria Gitin) and others in our project including Rev Dan Harrell. Many of us had been there for over a month. Quotes were taken out of context and without permission.

Source: Washington Post Special by reporter Paul Good

July 14, 1965 – Camden

SCOPE Offices Reopen

Tells the real story that Sheriff Jenkins made the deacons board up the church because our office was there. Rev Freeman and the deacons defied the sheriff and re-opened the office for our group, bringing even more danger to the church and to our field workers.

Source: Chicago Daily Defender and personal recollection.

 July 18, 1965 – Anniston, AL

Willie Brewster is killed less than 200 miles northeast of Camden. He was on his way home from work when he was shot and killed by white men. The men belonged to the National States Rights Party, a violent neo-Nazi group whose members had been involved in church bombings and murders of black activists in the region.

Source: www.crmvet.org. Civil rights martyrs.

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2 comments on “Wilcox County AL Civil Rights Timeline July 1965 continued

  1. Marilyn R. Bridges says:

    I grew up in Camden. I would like to know more about the civil rights history or any other information or history about Camden. This information was wonderful to read, very informative.


    • Maria Gitin says:

      A good comprehensive history of Wilcox County was written by Cynthia Griggs Fleming, titled “In the Shadow of Selma.” You can find it online or your bookstore can order it. My own book, “This Bright Light of Ours: Stories from the Voting Rights Fight”, University of Alabama Press, is focussed on the voting rights stories and history of Wilcox. It is available online for advance orders to be delivered in February. I will be coming to Camden for a book launch on Thursday March 6th at 6 PM if you still have family there. Thank you for your interest.


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