2 comments on “Wilcox County Freedom Fighters Selma Jubilee 2014

  1. Jill Seamans Beverly says:

    I cannot wait to order your book. My husband grew up in Alberta Alabama and Gees Bend. He was a young teenager during the time Martin Luther King came to Camden to speak. His mother forbade him to go hear Dr. King for fear of reprisals from the local KKK and sheriffs office(KKK). People were under fear that they could loose everything for going to see MLK speak. My husband lived in a shack with no running water nor electricity. He had no shoes and his feet would freeze in the winter and become cracked and bloody. He often tells me how he is surprised his feet did not become frostbitten .Top pay for a Black Man in that era was $6.50. The per capita income in Camden was less than $300.00 per year.Yet these people of Wilcox County had hope. The white establishment of that day had their feet firmly planted on the Black Mans neck, but they had hope and did ultimately pervail. What an existence. Racism is a cancer that must be cured. This must never happen again.


    • Maria Gitin says:

      Dear Jill, thank you so much for your message and for sharing part of your husband’s story I certainly know (and briefly shared in) the conditions your husband told you about. It means the world to me that people from Wilcox and their families find it true to their memories. I hope you both enjoy it. It is available through any independent bookstore or online at http://www.thisbrightlightofours.com


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