Bob Fitch Alabama Photo ID Project:5

Bob Fitch photos ©Bob Fitch Photo Archive Stanford University. All rights reserved. Photos may be shared for educational non-commerical and identification purposes only. Please share with civil rights veterans, historians and residents and former residents of Alabama. Thank you!


Albert Turner with family in Alabama


Civil rights photographer Bob Fitch, activist, friend and historian, has asked for assistance in identifying some of his historic photos of the first African-American candidates who ran for election in Alabama in 1966. Few of them were elected the first time out but they paved the way for others who finally won in majority Black counties. Some photos are of those who worked on campaigns, friends and families. All were taken in Alabama 1965-66. These photos are part of the Bob Fitch archives at Stanford University Libraries and will soon be available for all to view and share, free of charge.

To preserve the memory of the courageous local leaders, we ask your help in providing ID by name, county, office the candidate ran for and the # of the photo. You may post responses in the “leave a comment” box below, or e-mail me, Maria Gitin, civil rights veteran and author of “This Bright Light of Ours: Stories from the Voting Rights Fight.” Find my contact information at

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2 comments on “Bob Fitch Alabama Photo ID Project:5

  1. Michael Bibler says:

    36-368-20 Wesley McNair, candidate for Sheriff, Barbour County, Alabama. Wes worked for a Eufaula, AL, funeral home.


  2. Michael Bibler says:

    36-381-17 Albert Turner, Perry County, Alabama


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