Bob Fitch Alabama Photo ID Project:8

This is the 8th in a 10 part series of unidentified photos taken by civil rights photographer Bob Fitch in Alabama 1965-66.  Please share these photos, and the ones on the preceding 7 posts with your friends, family, and others who may be able to identify these Alabama civil rights activists, families and first candidates for office. Please contact Maria Gitin with IDs, location, date and photo number. Or use the “leave a comment” box here. Thank you!


Bob Fitch photos ©Bob Fitch Photo Archive Stanford University. All rights reserved.

One comment on “Bob Fitch Alabama Photo ID Project:8

  1. Michael Bibler says:

    36-363-13 Mrs. Mary Marshall, candidate for Board of Education, Barbour County, Alabama. Pictured with husband, family and neighbors.


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