Dr. King Encourages Community at Antioch Baptist Church Rally

zz adelman king 53 wide

Dr. King spoke from a trailer in front of Antioch Baptist Church because his aides had been informed the church would be firebombed if he went inside. SCLC staff Hosea Williams and Fred Shuttlesworth, as well as King’s children Yolanda and Dexter were with him.

Photo ID #53 Martin Luther King Jr in doorway
Wider view w 16 identifiable faces
1. Donald Grimes, young boy, front left, leaning left, white shirt, almost covered by microphones,
2. Fred Brown, front row, arm out, white shirt

3. Johnny “Skeet” Hardy, teen, checked/plaid shirt, looking up

2.5 Darryl Perryman, 2yrs old (barely visible)
4. Sim Pettway, teen, white shirt, looking down, right front
5. ____Young woman, far left bouffant hair
6. ____Young woman behind her to the right, white collar dress
7. Carrie Robinson with flower on hat looking up
8.Robert Powell, towel on head, sunglasses
9. Rosetta Marsh Anderson with hand over mouth next to Powell
9.5 Ezzie Wilson with dark wide brim hat, face tipped up behind and to the left of Powell
10. _________ behind Powell, face barely visible
11. _______tall young man with “high top” haircut, white shirt, behind hat lady
12.________young woman with headband, far right
13. _______Woman with white eyeglasses 3rd row far right
14. _______Young woman, far left 4th row arms crossed, sleeveless dress  14.5  Question: is this either Sue Seltzer or Elizabeth English? sleeveless dress, arms crossed?
15. _______Woman with white high/turban hat, arms crossed
16. China Miles with white hat behind woman with arms crossed
17. Susanna Rich in hair rollers, under umbrella

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4 comments on “Dr. King Encourages Community at Antioch Baptist Church Rally

  1. Carl Ballard says:

    Young man with plaid shirt just below Dr. King’s small finger on right hand is Johnny “Skeet” Hardy.


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