Wilcox County Freedom Fighters

Mylka Hayden, Isaiah Lore, Richard Chatman, Torrence Phillips, Jamarion Wright

March 2010Named for Elizabeth M. Parrish who was fired from her teaching position, along with her husband Lawrence Parrish and many other Camden Academy teachers who supported the students in their fight for school equality. Camden public schools today are legally integrated but no white children attend public school after the 4th grade. De facto segregation continues. Due to lack of cooperative economics and a depressed tax base, both white private schools and majority black public schools suffer low test scores. Despite these disadvantages, children at this pre-school are well- cared for by Director Gloria McDole and her dedicated staff. The children are lively, intelligent, interested in learning and as you can see, absolutely adorable.

Donations to purchase supplies, food, toys and educational tools may be sent to:

EM Parrish Day Care

PO Box 370

Camden AL 36726

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