55th Selma Jubilee Bridge Crossing , Sunday March 1

Although I will not be able to join my comrades this year, there will be a good contingent
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One comment on “55th Selma Jubilee Bridge Crossing , Sunday March 1

  1. Thanks, Maria,
    I love all real stories, docs., photos. Most of my records are lost. Still trying.
    Although we had some problems with Atlanta in Marengo County, I always appreciated the work of Dan Harrell, Rev, Threadgill, Major Johns and the local folks, and wish we had worked closer together.
    I was severely beaten, jailed, & then “disappeared” by the police in Demopolis on about July 1, 1965, which is accounted by Dick J Reavis in his book, “If White Kids Die,” 2001. Singer/Organizer, Jimmy Collier got me out of jail in Linden at midnight of my 21st birthday, 1965, or I would maybe still be there.
    Yesterday I gave a talk, and singing, at 2nd Baptist Church of Boulder for African American History Month, “Let Your Voice Be Heard.” When asked, I have given Martin Luther King, Jr. Sermon in various churches perhaps 8 or 9 times over the years. I am trying to get back to Selma for this year’s 55th, Celebration.
    Bloody SundaY, March 7, 1965, on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, was a defining moment of my life, as was the night in Marion, on Feb. 18, when Jimmie Lee Jackson was shot by Al Lingo.s Alabama State Troopers, and Jim Clark’s deputies…
    I would love to hear from folks, 720-301-0370,
    Thank You,
    Strider Arkansas Benston


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