SawMill Quarter, Camden AL

Excerpts from a letter June 22, 1965

Dear Friends –

            On Monday we began our voter registration program. The second & fourth Mondays are registration days in Alabama. There are 6,000 African Americans and only 1,000 whites in Wilcox county. White voter registration is 110% & Black registration is less than 2%.

Our SCOPE people began going from door to door encouraging everyone to get out to register. The little kids in the community showed us where the likely people lived.

            Five of our workers went down to the Sawmill Quarter & were promptly arrested. One boy was beaten and sent to the hospital in Selma.

            It seems the white folks in Wilcox county prepared well for our arrival. Armaments were purchased by state troopers & distributed to the white citizens. Last night they spent several hours shooting around the church. Learn more about the courageous Freedom Fighters of Wilcox County:

These young men went to jail for your right to vote
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