Join us on MLK Day Jan 18, 2021

“This Bright Light of Ours: Stories from the Voting Rights Fight” video presentation and live discussion with Author and Civil Rights Veteran Maria Gitin and Joy Crawford-Washington

Date & Time: January 18th 2-3:30 PM (PDT) online


Add to your Martin Luther King Jr. Day Observance by listening to personal stories from courageous Wilcox County, Alabama freedom fighters who I met and worked with when I spent a brief summer in support of this courageous community. The pre-recorded (edited) 40 minute film will be followed by live Q & A with Maria Gitin and Joy Crawford-Washington, granddaughter of Civil Rights leaders from Pine Apple, Wilcox County AL who housed my friends that summer, at risk to their own lives. As time permits we will respond to questions and comments about historic and current voting rights and racial equity issues. Please join us.  

This Temple Beth El Aptos Senior Connections Event is free and open to all.  Log on any time after 1:46 PDT

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