Wilcox County Scenes Summer 1965

All photos by John Worcester, civil rights volunteer and seminarian who worked with SCLC SCOPE project. Please add your comments using the comment feature. They will be moderated. Thank you!

Ballards Store with SCLC staff car – 1965
Downtown Camden, AL 1965 where we organized boycotts of stores than would not hire African Americans
Broad Street, Camden AL 1965
Pettways Grocery – Gees Bend 1965
Wilcox County Courthouse where African Americans were denied rights except for marriage licenses
Most likely another view of Pettway Grocery in Gees Bend
Home very similar to ones where I stayed while working with voter registration in Summer 1965
Wilcox County Rural Road: We walked dozens of miles a day to reach rural residents to register to vote
Typical rural home constructed during enslavement period
Many days we walked for miles in Arlington, Boykin, Possum Bend, Coy, Pine Apple, Peach Tree and more outlying communities to spread the message of the power in voting rights.

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4 comments on “Wilcox County Scenes Summer 1965

  1. user4331 says:

    How would we have known that voting rights would still be a contentious topic nationally, and one we have to fight to protect! So glad we have examples from our past to guide us and inspire us to continued action. Stay strong! Jeremiah


  2. Mazie Wilmer says:

    Picture 1- Sam Ballad’s grocery store. Camden Area residents shopped there for snacks and other small essential products.
    This store is located on Highway 41 approximately one and one half miles from the city of Camden.
    My family and many other families from Pebble Hill, Longmire, Coy, Vredenburg, Monroeville and Coy often stopped by to shop for snacks and other household items.


  3. Daisy Cochran says:

    Omg? There is a God thank you Lord for protecting us and bringing us through. Who would think there is still no justice. When will we ever see justice for all.


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