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  1. cherylwilliams griffin says:

    MY father, James E. Williams, Jr. Class 42, as well as my Aunt, Nellie N. Williams class 41 graduated from Camden Academy.My aunt, Elizabeth Rhone attended school there also but moved to Washington, D.C. before graduation. Is ther an obiturary for listing deceased classmates? My aunt, Nellie recently died on June 1, 2012 and I would like to inform her old classmates and friends. Her married name was Nellie williams Abner.She always tried to keep in touch with her classmates and I think she would want them to know of her passing. Also, I would love to talk with anyone who knew my father and other aunt.They always talked about Camden Academy with such pride.


    • Maria Gitin says:

      Dear Cheryl:

      I am sorry for the recent loss of your Aunt. I know that there is a group that hold an “all graduate” Camden Academy reunion every other year but do not know who organizes it. My blog is focussed on the 1965-66 civil rights activities in Wilcox County, during which time the students from the Academy were major leaders and participants.

      You may want to try writing to someone at Wilcox Central High School or at Antioch Baptist Church in Camden to see if you can get any information. There is also an online group called which I have not used but can be used to find classmates by school and year of graduation.

      The Academy indeed was the crown jewel of the people’s segregated school system. All who had the privilege of attending were devastated when it was closed and destroyed under the false guise of school integration, which has not taken place up to this day. There is a public middle school on the property where the Academy once stood. Best wishes in your quest, Maria


    • Maria Gitin says:

      Camden Academy now has a Face Book page for all alumni


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