Alma Moton King recalls Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Many recall visits by Dr. King in 1965-66 to support the voting rights movement in Wilcox County . Several shared their memories with me for This Bright Light of Ours. Here is an excerpt “I remember him coming to the school (Camden Academy). I was a senior in 1965. One of our instructors prepared us for his visit. She taught us how to greet people in power, I can’t remember which teacher but she was a woman who had traveled to Europe and met dignitaries. She showed us a film of meeting one of the Presidents in Europe so we would know how to behave properly.

He came and spoke to us, we all shook his hand. When I got home I put my hand that he shook in a plastic bag and my mother couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t take it off. I remember he had the softest hands I had ever touched on a man, really soft.

I don’t remember him marching from school. During the same visit he did lead a march from the church I believe, but I wasn’t in it. I only remember shaking his hand, but I didn’t not march. We lived out in Possum Bend – once that bus left you didn’t have a ride home. I would walk down to the bottom of the hill to the bus station and off they’d go to the church or the courthouse. ” excerpt from an interview with Alma Moton King in 2008 for This Bright Light of Ours: Stories from the Voting Rights Fight by Maria Gitin, University of Alabama Press 2014. Read more

Alma King and Maria Gitin  2012

Alma King and Maria Gitin 2012

Alma King Re-elected to Camden City Council – October 9, 2012


Native of Wilcox County, graduate of Camden Academy, long-time resident Alma King has served on the current city council with distinction as a bridge-building, progressive businesswoman and active volunteer. Instead of resting on her laurels in retirement, she has been active running her own business, helping others to launch theirs, working towards attracting business and tourism to the area, and in employment training. Ms King ran a clean campaign in a hotly contested run-off to represent the 3rd District in a second term on the City Council. Despite attempts by others to thwart the outcome, Ms. King was re-elected by her district and will continue the battle to honor the sacrifices of voting rights activists as well as to bring economic growth and build community in Camden. Congratulations Alma!. – Maria Gitin, author and diversity trainer, Capitola, Calfornia