Wilcox County 45th Anniversary Commemorative Mass Meeting & March from Historical Antioch Baptist Church

Marching & Singing about Freedom Then & Now

Maria at Historic Antioch Baptist ChurchFor More history and a video about Antioch Baptist Church http://blog.al.com/living-press-register/2010/04/beautiful_church_at_antioch_ba.html

Memorial for Civil Rights Activists at Wilcox County Courthouse

Sim  Pettway Sr whose family was forced to flee town due to his student activism in 1965. He and his family went on to work in the Mobile Movement and continue to be politically active today.

Rev Dr LV Baldwin, Camden native son, author, professor, preacher and MLK Scholar gave a moving keynote with quotes from Dr King’s speech made at this very church 45 years ago today.

We join hands to sing We Shall Overcome

Joy, Bob II and Jessie Crawford (center three in photo), originally of Pine Apple AL, were and are among my dearest friends


in 1944, WW II veteran Rev John Davis, traveled all the way to the White House with his petition to vote after fighting for his country. He met with President Harry Truman who did not intervene in the state of Alabama law prohibiting black citizens from voting. Rev Davis now never misses an election or a chance to speak about his experience.