Selma Jubilee Fri March 4th



Edmund Pettus Bridge at Sunset


Representatives of the Selma Mayors Youth Council

Maria with Charles Bonner (above) and Mayor Evans of Selma (below

Selma Mayor Evans, SNCC activists Charles Bonner, Luke Block

Councilwoman Angela Benjamin at Alabama Black Mayors Reception

My lifetime friend and SNCC buddy Charles Bonner, civil rights attorney and activist was a high school classmate of current Selma Mayor George Evans who invited us to the Alabama Black Mayors Reception and cruise on the Selma River under the historic Edmund Pettus Bridge where we will march on Sunday. Here are a few shots of this historic gathering. Several of the mayors hugged and thanked Luke and I for putting our lives on the line so that this day could come to pass. I feel grateful to them for all they are achieving and are about to achieve when we did so little, so long ago. The feeling in Selma is young, vibrant and alive.