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  1. Minnie Coats-Burton says:

    My name is Minnie Coats- Burton. I was born in Camden, Al and attended
    Antioch Baptist Church until my family migrated to Ohio in 1958. However,
    I’m trying to determine who served as the church pastor in August 1954. I dedicated my life to Christ and was baptized in August 1954, under the
    spiritual Leadership of Rev. Nelson of Mobile, Alabama. However, I don’t remember Rev Nelson’s first name
    If you could could provide me the information, I would be so apprecative.
    Thank you in advance for your assistance.


    • Maria Gitin says:

      Dear Minnie, I wish I could help. I only know that a Rev WB Foster was pastor in the early 1900’s and then Rev. Samuel L Freeman in the 1960’s. Did you go to Camden Academy? If so, you can join their private FaceBook group and ask. The moderator is Gwen Goode: ladygoode@gmail.com. She can admit you to the group and you can pose the question. All best wishes, Maria


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